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Transitions mission is to guide young woman towards new wardrobes as they transition through the phases of their 20's & 30's.

Transition values each phase of life and the newness it brings. With each phase comes a new you, which means a new style. We're here to make those transitions easy and fun.

Dior Immersive Store In Seoul Korea

The Dior House of Art was a group project that highlighted each team member's strengths and is a collection of creativity. This project was highlighted on SCAD social media pages and printed for classroom display.

BHLDN 5 Year Technology Expansion  

Developed a technology expansion plan that included virtual reality and NFT's while creating a 5 year strategic marketing plan. This case study was chosen by SCAD to be submitted in the final round of judging for the 2023 FSF Scholarship. 

Chanel & Lego Collaboration

The Chanel x Lego collaboration is an out the box never seen before virtual runway show in the form of a short film. Chanel's latest line is modeled by Lego people and highlights the famous Chanel Lego bag from 2014, with a special tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.


Pattern Development for Maternity Line

Collection Showcasing Positivity vs Negativity

Fabrics Designed from Inspiration of Tea Leaves

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